Here It Is - First Real Footage from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra!
FIRSTSHOWING.NET January 31, 2009 [00:12]
It's rare that I write about something that will become obsolete in under 48 hours, but today I'm making a big exception. Entertainment Tonight has debuted a less-than-10-second teaser for the new G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra teaser that will be showing during the Super Bowl on Sunday (tomorrow). Normally I'd just let this slide because we're seeing the final footage so soon afterwards, but not this. Everyone needs to see this. This is one of those moments where I finally get to say "I told you so!" While this isn't much, and I need to see it clearer, this brief bit of footage definitely looks awesome. I can't wait to see more on Sunday!

World Exclusive: The G.I. Joe Super Bowl Spot!
ComingSoon.net Pictures January 31, 2009 [00:32]  *保存可
ComingSoon.net and SuperheroHype.com are giving the world today an exclusive early look at the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Super Bowl spot! This is the first footage ever from the Stephen Sommers-directed big screen adaptation and we think you'll feel the same way as us after viewing it - you want to see more!!

From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. Joe team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, opening in theaters on August 7, stars Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christopher Eccleston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Byung Hun Lee, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Ray Park, Said Taghmaoui, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans and Dennis Quaid.

G.I. Joe Super Bowl Spot
Trailer Addict Pictures January 31, 2009 [00:32]  *高画質でフルスクリーン表示可



 映画版『ロスト プラネット』の制作費が150~200億円という記事が1週間ほど前から海外で出はじめました。日本ではほとんどありませんが、ここ数日も海外の主にゲームサイトで記事になっています。『ロスプラ』の海外での人気の高さを実感。映画制作が始まったら、『Joe』よりもずっと話題になるかも^^
 記事の元ネタは、1月21日カプコンIRにアップされた徳丸敏弘氏の「開発者インタビュー」。 2月28日公開の『ストリートファイター ザ・レジェンド・オブ・チュンリー』を例に、映画の制作過程がインタビュー形式で語られていて興味深い内容です。
 昨年7月の映画化発表時の稲船氏の談に、「ロスト プラネットを映画にするつもりで開発しており,「極寒の地」というインパクトのある世界観,ラブロマンスを含むひねりのあるストーリー,ハリウッドにないCGによる巨大ロボット,といった要素を盛り込むことにしたという。また,開発チームには,ハリウッドで映画化されるようなものを目指してがんばろうといいながら,開発時のモチベーションを上げていた」とあります。 できればもう一つ、「映画化を視野に入れたイ・ビョンホンの起用」と言って欲しかった~^^
 肝心のキャストについての発表はまだまだ先かもしれませんが、ビョンホンssiの従来の路線とかけ離れた『Joe』への突然の出演が、これへの布石?、なんて考えただけでワクワクします。 あくまで想像ですが、実現して欲しいなぁ♪

06 キャラクター・コンテンツ事業統括執行役員 徳丸敏弘

カプコンIR 2009年01月21日

Lost Planet movie has $200 million budget
videogamer.com 22/01/2009 - 9:30am GMT
Produced by Avi Arad of Spider-man fame.

Capcom's head of character contents business, Toshihiro Tokumaru, has revealed the upcoming Lost Planet movie - based on Capcom's hit action title - will cost up to $200 million to make.

Discussing upcoming movie projects, Tokumaru said: "Well, there's "Onimusha". But it has been licensed out completely, so we have no direct investment in it. And then there's also "Clock Tower" and Lost Planet, though both of those two have been licensed out as well. Speaking of "Lost Planet", that project will cost somewhere between 150 and 200 million dollars to make. The producer on the project is Avi Arad, producer of Spider-Man. I think that it is because of our original IPs that we are able to try something so ambitious."

Tokumaru also explained the benefits of turning its video game titles into movies.

"When the game creators at Capcom develop a game, they think about everything from the main characters to the setting, which makes it easy to bring our games to the big screen," said Tokumaru. "In game-making, we consider the main character's upbringing, interpersonal relationships, and their place in time. But in a game we can only show a cross-section of that. In Lost Planet for example, we can show the game's protagonist on a distant planet fighting against various foes, but we can't really show his interpersonal relationships. By developing that part of it on the movie screen, we can add substance to that world and expand it."

According to IMDB the Lost Planet movie is scheduled for release in 2010.

Sci-fi movie 'Lost Planet' to cost $200 million
examiner.com January 27, 11:53 AM





 2月1日からテヘランで始まるイラン・ファジル国際映画祭に『ノム』が招待されたようです。(明後日開幕なのに、なぜか映画祭のサイトがなかなか更新されません。) この映画祭で、ドイツと韓国の映画の回顧展が開催され『JSA』も上映されるようで、スヒョクとチャンイが同居しているポスターが^^

 また、ベルリン映画祭に見送られたと記事のあった『I come~』ですが、ベルリン映画祭のヨーロッパフィルムマーケットにラインナップされているようです。TF1のサイトにもPDFファイルがあります。


Innolife 2009/01/28(Wed) 09:57

27th Fajr Festival Saturday, 27-December, 2008

Fajr filmfest to review German and South Korean movies
tehran times Tuesday, January 13, 2009    
At the retrospective of Korean films, thirteen movies also produced after the year 2000 will go on screen.
The Korean cineastes have found new ways to become world famous. The recent productions of Korea are taking a new approach, being far from the same old simple and mundane concepts. The new technology and visual effects have helped their cinema develop.
“Joint Security Area” (Park Chan-wook 2000), “Tube” (Baek Woon-Hak 2003), “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” (Kim Ji-woon 2008), “A Little Monk” (Joo Kyung-jung 2002), and “Dragon Wars” (Hyung-rae Shim 2007) are among the Korean movies that will go on screen at the retrospective section of the festival.

Fajr Film Fest Hosts Korean Retrospective
KOFIC Jan 14 2009
Among selections in the retrospective are titles such as PARK Chan-wook’s Joint Security Area (2000), BAEK Woon-Hak’s Tube (2003), KIM Ji-woon’s The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008), JOO Kyung-jung’s A Little Monk (2002), and SHIM Hyung-rae’s Dragon Wars (2007).


the !f Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival

The Good, The Bad, The Weird
February 16 Monday, 3:00 PM Emek Sinemasıst
February 21 Saturday, 10:00 PM AFM Fitaş Beyoğlu
February 22 Sunday, 10:00 PM AFM İstinye Park
March 01 Sunday, 1:30 PMCEPA AVM Salon 2

!f Istanbul announces 2009 program
Hurriyet Daily News 2009年01月25日
Films in the competition
In its second year, the !f Inspired International Film Competition will host eight films from around the world, presided over by an international jury. The competition seeks to showcase emerging filmmakers who have made bold narrative decisions, have employed ground-breaking visual style and demonstrated courageous story-telling. It carries a $15,000 prize for the Most Inspired Filmmaker.
The Insomnia section features talked-about horror films such as "Martyrs," "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" and "Tokyo Gore Police." The Fantastic Films section includes "Edison &Leo," "Sita Sings the Blues," "Franklyn," "Sauna," "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" and "Pontypool."

☆『I Come~』関連

Tavernier, Chabrol and Jeunet in TF1 line-up
Cineuropa January 29, 2009
TF1 International has a first-rate line-up planned for the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival (February 5-15).
Other features in post-production on TF1 International’s line-up are Tran Anh Hung’s I Come with the Rain, starring Josh Harnett; Eléonore Faucher’s Gamines (“Kids”, see news), featuring Sylvie Testud; Tony Gatlif’s Liberté (“Freedom”, see news), starring Marie-Josée Croze, Marc Lavoine and James Thiérrée; and Wang Chao’s French/Chinese co-production Starting Over.

TF1 Berlin 2009.pdf  *5ページ目



 『ノム』のイギリス公開を控え、英映画サイトにビョンホンssiのインタビュー(先日のMike Edwards氏のよりも長いみたいです)や紹介記事、『ノム』のビデオクリップなどがアップされています。

 「pt 1」とあるので、パート2があるのかも。(意味が違ってたら、ごめなさい。)


First sight: Lee Byung-hun
The Guardian Friday 23 January 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Weird Clip
Exclusive: Glimpse the new Korean epic

Empire 26 January 2009 [01:05]

The Good, The Bad, The Weird interviews, pt 1: Lee Byung-hun
easternkicks Friday, January 23rd, 2009
No more mister nice guy. How Korean star Lee Byung-hun is ditching the romantic leads to play the bad guy…

In a side room of the labyrinthine Soho House – an allegedly exclusive members only club in the West End of London though teeming with activity this Friday afternoon – Lee Byung-hun is more charming and instantly charismatic than even the big screen appearance would give him credit for. The obvious romantic lead, past roles have seen him cast roles from the young soldier in Park Chan-wook’s JSA: Joint Security Area to the somewhat naïvely honourable gangster in Kim Jee-Woon’s A Bittersweet Life. Chan-wook even cast him as the director targeted by an extra for being too nice in his segment for Three… Extremes.

Yet in his latest role in The Good, The Bad, The Weird with Jee-woon, 38 year-old Lee has quite literally donned black to play the villain, though in an admittedly rather sharply tailored suit. Lee stars as The Bad Chang-yi, a deeply psychotic bandit leader, so did he enjoy playing the bad guy for a change?

“Oh yeah, because I’ve never done that before and this was a very new experience for me. I realised I could have those kind of expressions and emotions, changing how I use my eyes, my behaviour. It was surprising to find some aspect that I didn’t know was there! Mr Kim was surprised too, because we worked together on A Bittersweet Life previously, and he didn’t know I could do that, he saw a new side to me.”

So had Jee-woon taken chance casting him in that role? “I don’t think so. Maybe he got some kind of confidence to use me in that role. Actually I had the chance to select which role I wanted – he gave me a choice of the good or the bad, and said ‘what do you want to do?’ I couldn’t make my mind up, so finally I asked him, what would you like me to do? He told me that I should play the bad guy, it would be so cool. I guess really I’d wanted the chance to play a villain all along, so I went with the bad guy.”

So you unleashed your inner ‘badass’? Lee simply laughs in reply.

Unsurprisingly his role has brought a lot of parallels with Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, two young, handsome leads utterly believable in their roles as dangerous lunatics. Though Lee is keen to point out that Dark Knight was released a year after he’d finished filming. “Funny thing is a lot of fans have been making that comparison. I don’t know what it is, the dark circles round the eyes maybe?”

Was he apprehensive about how his fans would react? “Some of my Japanese fans were worried about that, because I’ve never done it before. They’ve been watching me play like, good guys, nice, romantic and so on. They were worried just before the screening, but luckily they were really satisfied with what they saw.”

And it’s not just his diehard fans that have appreciated the film, its been well received internationally. “Of course I was nervous when we went to Canada with the film. Neither I nor the other leads had watched it yet so it was our first screening too, and we were wondering how the audience would respond. After the screening the audience kept on clapping for 10 minutes. Part of me thought they could have been just being polite, but we could feel that it wasn’t. They were really clapping from their hearts so it was a surprising experience for me.”

So what is it about the film that appeals to people? “First of all it’s a Western, and everybody likes a Western. Second it’s an oriental Western, and that’s a funny combination – there’s a lot of comedy and slapstick moments, twists. I think your traditional ‘western Western’ is a lot simpler. A couple of guys in the desert, bang bang and that’s it, then there’s the eyes, when they’re staring at each other. So I think it’s a lot more active, there’s so much more action.”

And had he seen much of the Spaghetti Westerns that influence the film, particularly The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? “Not since I was 7 or 8.”

His mastery of the English language (not to mention French and Mandarin – though he wasn’t going to be tested there) seemed only dented by jetlag and a hectic promotional schedule. A translator stayed on hand to help with occasional words. But that was literally it, the occasional word.

His second film with Kim Jee-woon, what attracted him to working with the director again? “One of the main things is he can make the story interesting and fun, but he never loses the details. He always cares about the set, the props, the wardrobe – he always takes an interest in everything. I think he must have a headache because he’s so much in the detail! That’s why actors love to work with him.

“It was also kind of fun because the contract came before the film itself, so I thought it was going to be so hard to do. Basically I believe in Mr Kim, so he’s really great to work with.”

What other Korean directors does he admire? “Park Can-wook is one of my really good friends, and I love his directing. I think there are lots of great directors in Korea. Like Yu Ha [Once Upon A Time In High School, A Dirty Carnival], and Bong Joon-ho [The Host, Memories Of Murder, Barking Dogs Never Bite]

And what about his co-stars, The Good (Jung Woo-sung) and The Weird (Song Kang-ho)? “People, especially Asian journalists, are always wondering if we were in competition with each other. And we also thought like that, but when we got out to the desert in China we didn’t have time to think about it. Not just because of the action but the environment was terrible, it was hard. We thought a human should not be here. Sometimes you couldn’t breathe because of the sandstorms, and everything was so awkward and uncomfortable. So we had to work together, we could not feel that kind of rivalry.

“We were so happy when we got to rest. Everyone, the makeup team, stunt guy and actors always had a soccer game. There were no actresses, only guys, so it was like being in the army.”

So a bit of a disappointment after playing the romantic lead so often, then? “Yeah, actually’” he laughs. “But that still has another attractive point. Guys only, so we could talk about anything, particularly girls.”

Did he perform the stunts himself? “Almost all Korean actors know how to kick. Everyone learns Tae Kwan Do at school, they learn in the army to. Fortunately I’m still flexible, even though I learned when I was four or five years old. I can kick, use defensive skills, so actually action is not that big a deal. But sometimes when I have to do something really dangerous I have a conversation about it with the director and we decide I’m not going to do it. But normal action scenes are my favourite to do.”

What was the most dangerous thing he was asked to do? “Actually riding horses was the most dangerous, because there were a lot of explosions as you saw and they’re not a machine. You don’t know how they are going to react after the explosions or gunshots and that made me, and everyone else, nervous. We were riding so fast and then when the explosions went off they’d move away from them. That was the most dangerous for me.”

Amazingly, this was the first time he’d ridden a horse. “And the first day I went to a horse riding school I learnt for just one hour, and ended up breaking my ankle so I couldn’t learn anymore. For one month I had my foot in a cast and had to ride like that. And then we had to go to China so I didn’t have time. I’d had maybe 10 lessons, but still not enough. In China the environment was totally different anyway, no mountains, only desert. Maybe it’s a good environment to learn in, but the horses are so different too, so raw, so it was almost like starting again anyway. The speed we rode was rather too fast to learn it, there being no obstacles there.”

So did he get saddlesore? “Yeah, I did. But you couldn’t think about the soreness or the pain, we just had to get on. Then after we realised we were covered in bruises, we were sooo tired!”

What was the most fun thing he did on set? “Actually I think the scenes may have been deleted, but every time I had to react to a gunshot or explosion we’d do three or four takes for my expression. I’d always ask him what he wanted, but on the last take I’d always do what I wanted to. And it was always the last shot that was the good one. That was the most fun part, as I wasn’t aware of my potential to portray those sorts of expressions, I just went along with how I felt. And what came out of it both I and the director were happy with, but unfortunately some of them were deleted – perhaps they’ll be on the DVD?”

About to make his Hollywood debut, what does Lee think that means for his career? “Actually I’ve had two experiences. The first is with Ann Hung Tran on I Come With The Rain, where I star with Josh Harnett, the second is G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra with Stephen Sommers. That was quite a good experience even though I had an awkward time. Everything was so different, the systems, the special language.”

“Still I it was a good experience. I’ll keep working in Korea, so I don’t lose my base, but if I’ve a chance to work in Hollywood again then why not? If there’s a good project for me than I would like to work there again. Basically, I’m going to work in Korea, keep going back and forth.”

Despite this, Lee sounds more than a little jaded over his experience there. “I could tell they’re much more rational than we are in Korea. They really think the time is important. Because they’re much more commercially minded they don’t waste their time, they don’t want to waste the money. So every day we have to gather at six o’clock in the morning. We don’t do that in Korea, they just decide right after the shoot, ‘okay, we’re gonna meet at four in the afternoon’, just like that.”

“In Hollywood it’s more rational, but much less familiar. It’s not like family. You can’t feel the same friendship that you would on a Korean film set. Sometimes I feel the studio guys are too much, they’re too logical. For example, I needed to take some time to go somewhere, just two days, and they said I should look at my contract again. I don’t think that feels very human.”

So did he get to hang out with the stars? “Actually Dennis Quaid had to shoot another movie, so we had to finish his scenes first, he finished in just a month. So we only met on his last day on the shoot. We’d met for reading and rehearsing, of course, but on the shoot, just once.”

So does that mean he’s going to get his own action figure? “That was my first time using a sword, so I had to train for a month with the stunt guys. And to use a sword was so strange, I hadn’t really fought with one before. But yes, a figure is coming out. It’s so funny, the head is really small but I can tell it’s me! You can tell…”

The Good, The Bad, The Weird is released in selected cinemas around the UK on 6 February.

Thanks to Chris Lawrence of Icon Film Distribution and Paul Smith of The Associates for setting up the interview, and of course Lee Byung-hun for his time.




イ・ビョンホンホームページ,接続者殺到してダウン ‘熱い人気むかしのままだね’~
JOINS  2009.01.28 18:09    

イ・ビョンホン公式ファンクラブ 'ルボス'は新年に迎え家でファンを招待するコンセプトで新しい団長を終えた.'特別な招待'というコンセプトに製作された今度リニューアルはイントロ画面からイ・ビョンホンが直接ファンを迎えていて人目を引く.

旧正月連休前日の去る 23日午後初稼動されたホームページはオープン直後世界各国で数千人の接続者が同時に殺到しながら結局バグった.正常な運営は来月チォブトやできるようにという言い伝え.

イ・ビョンホン所属社側は "リアルタイム接続者があまりにも多くてサーバー再起動をしても 1時間を完全に越す事ができないaなどファンの熱い関心を受けていることで分かっている.追後海外ファンたちが結束することができる空間で生まれかわるのを期待している"と明らかにした.

ホームページらしい事態を始じめ,イ・ビョンホンは国内のみならず日本内でも相変らず正常の人気を維持している.来る 2月28日東京代々木競技場で進行される日本ファンクラブイベントでは 2回公演 2万2泉石がもう先月売り切れた状態.ファンクラブ会員のみを相手にするイベントにもかかわらず,チケットが全量売り切れるなど冷えない人気を誇示している.

一方イ・ビョンホンは来る 2月6日映画 'ゾッウンノム悪者イサングハンノム'(ノムノムノム)のイギリス封切りを始まりにヨーロッパ及び米洲の 'ノムノムノム' 封切り,ゾスィハトネッ,KimuraTakuyaなどの各国トップスターたちとともに出演したインタ-ナショナル映画 'I Come With The Rain' 及びイギリスタイムス選定 '2009 期待作'で選ばれた 'G.I.Joe' 封切りを控えている.

S.シャドー ポスター


Duke (Channing Tatum)
Ripcord (Marlon Wayans)
The Baroness (Sienna Miller)
Scarlett (Rachel Nichols)
Snake Eyes (Ray Park)

Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee)


すべて捨ててサングカル入った 'G.I.組' イ・ビョンホン,ポスまともに~
STAR NEWS 2009/01/28 09:24   

Paramount Releases Official G.I. Joe Character Posters!
CanMag January 27, 2009
Every media update for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra has been about the film's characters. No actual shots from the movie, just pictures of each actor playing a character taken in some studio. Not ready to reveal more, Paramount has released some pretty badass character posters for the film.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Character Posters
If we were to count the unofficial character posters for G.I. Joe, I think this set would bring the total number up past a dozen.

From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. Joe team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos.

Updated: TrailerAddict has sent over a sixth poster for GI Joe featuring Storm Shadow.


朝鮮日報 2009/01/28 13:56:29
 イ・ビョンホンは悪の組織「コブラ」と対立する遊撃チーム「G.I.Joe」の活躍を描く同映画で、コブラに所属しながら 「G.I.Joe」に情報を提供する二重スパイ役を演じる。




 香港で3月23日に開催される第3回Asian Film Awardsで、『ノム』が7部門にノミネートされたようです♪
 ビョンホンssiが助演男優賞でノミネートなのがチョット残念ですが…。でも、Screen DailyでもCanadian Pressでも、タイトルに『ノム』があがっていて嬉しいです^^v


Asian Film Awards
Best Film The Good, the Bad, the Weird
Best Director KIM Jee-woon
Best Actor SONG Kang-ho
Best Supporting Actor JUNG Woo-sung LEE Byung-hun
Best Cinematographer LEE Mo-gae
Best Composer Dalpalan / JANG Young-gyu
Best Visual Effects KIM Wook

The Good, The Bad, The Weird tops nominations for Asian Film Awards
Screen Daily 21 Jan 2009 17:46
The Good, The Bad, The Weird - a rollicking chase, took eight nominations in total, including those for best film, director, and cinematographer. Song Kang-ho picked up a nod for best actor, while Jung Woo-sung and Lee Byung-hun both got nominated in the best supporting actor category.

Korean western front-runner at Asian Film Awards
The Canadian Press January 21, 2009

Cowboys and Indians chase after the AFAs
Variety Asia Online Wednesday, 21 January 2009 9

Best Actor winner Arjun Rampal in Rock On!!
Asia Pacific Arts January 23, 2009


Asian Film Awards
Red Carpet
Asian Film Awards Ceremony




[お知らせ 23:40] 
 チケットの件、〆切らさせていただきます。ご協力いただきましてありがとうございましたm(_ _)m

 ファンイベントのチケットの抽選結果がほぼ到着したようですね^^ 土曜日にうちにも届いていました。





 個人的な好みから言うと、2番目の全体のバランスと抑えたトーンのスタイリッシュな感じが好きですが、ちょっとインパクトに欠ける? サスペンスちっくで作品の印象ともちょっと違うかな^^ 

The Good, The Bad, The Weird quad film poster

 ビョンホンssiがロンドンに行った時のインタビューでしょうか? 映画サイトにアップされていました。
 英語で応じられたのかな。 映像で見てみたいなぁ♡ 「Ummm.」とか「(Laughs) Yeah!」とか^^

Mike Edwards talks to Byung-hun Lee about THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD and a little bit about G.I. JOE!
obsessed with film January 3rd, 2009
ME: Was The Good The Bad The Weird as fun to make as it was to watch?
It was really fun because this was my first villain role. In fact I asked him to do this, I had two contracts starting at the same time but I chose this because it looked so great.

ME: What was the most fun thing you did when shooting THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD?
Some of the most fun bits are in the deleted scenes. I had two facial expressions I really liked because each time I was given a reaction shot we did several takes and I always suggested to him [Mr Kim] that I do the last one just however I wanted to and that was always my favourite and was the most fun because I could just put myself in the situation and react to how it felt. And what came out of it made myself and the director happy, which was great fun. Although, as I said, unfortunately some have been deleted.

ME: How about re-enacting some for me now?
(Laughs) I think that’d be pretty hard.

ME: It has been unusual for you to play such dark and unsympathetic roles…
Yeah, I’ve never done it before so it was a very new experience for me. I could realise that I had those expressions, those eyes and those emotions. It was surprising to find these aspects that I never knew. And Mr Kim was surprised too. We’d worked together previously and he saw a new side of me.

ME: Was there anything in particular that inspired your performance or that influenced the way you played the character?
No, actually. I just read the script and tried to emphasize the bad guy inside of me.

ME: So he took a chance casting you in that role then?
I don’t think so. He’s got confidence in me, he even gave me a choice between playing The Good and The Bad and I asked him ‘What do YOU want me to do?’. And he said ‘have the bad guy, you would be so cold.’ But I really wanted to have that role too, so it worked out well.

ME: Have you been surprised by the international reception of the film?
Of course. When I went to Cannes with the film I was so nervous. The actors hadn’t even seen it yet! It was our first screening and also we were wondering about the response of the audience. But after the screening they were talking for like ten minutes. They were clapping for a long time, it was a surprising experience.

ME: What do you think it is about the film that really appeals to people?
Ummm. First of all it’s a western that everybody can like, and secondly it’s an oriental western which is funny. There are a lot of comedy, a lot of twists and so on. A western western is harder, just two guys in the desert fighting. Bang! That’s it. Maybe some flies. Some staring. But this film is more active.

ME: What is it about Kim that attracts you to his films?
A lot of things, but he can make a story so interesting and defined. He never loses the details. He always cares about the set, props, wardrobe - everything! He must have a headache every time he films, there’s just so much there. That’s what actors like to work with.

ME: How did you find working with The Good and The Weird?
People, especially Asian journalists, are always wondering whether the guys are in competition with each other. And we’d also thought like that. But when we got into the desert in China we just didn’t have time to think about it. The environment was the worst, it was so hard. Not only because of the action but the place was terrible, we’re talking about huge amount of heat and sometimes we couldn’t breath because of the sandstorms. And it wasn’t just sandstorms, everything was just so awkward and uncomfortable so you have to gather. You can’t worry about those kind of things. We were so happy whenever we had free time, we’d just make a team and the stunt guys and the actors we play a game of soccer. There were no actresses, only guys. It was like the army!

ME: Having played romantic leads before were you disappointed by the lack of women?
(Laughs) Yeah! But still, although with guys only we can talk about anything, we could talk about girls, we can walk around naked. We can do anything!

ME: You’re about to make your Hollywood debut, how do you feel about that?
I’ve actually had two Hollywood experiences, the first was I COME WITH THE RAIN, with Josh Hartnett, and the second is GI JOE. It’s been quite a good experience, although everything was so different. I’ve been working in Korea and I don’t want to lose my place. If I have the chance to work with Hollywood people again then why not, but I’m always going to be working in Korea.

ME: Did you get to hang out much with Dennis Quaid and Brendan Fraser?
Dennis Quaid had to shoot earlier than me, so we only met for one day of shooting and a couple of rehearsals and I never met Brendan Fraser!

ME: That sucks. But you get your own action figure though right?
Yeah, it’s coming out. It was really strange, I had it in my hand and although it was so tiny I could tell it was me! They’re so detailed.

ME: Aside from getting your own action figure, what were the main differences between making a movie in Korea and the US?
American productions are more rational than the Korean ones, they think time is really important because they don’t want to waste the money. You always gather at 6am! But not in Korea. They just decide right after a day’s shooting that, like, we’ll meet at 12 O’clock or something! And it’s less like a family in America, but maybe because it’s all still so unfamiliar to me. It all feels too logical, for example I had a couple of days to visit places and the studio guys just said ‘why don’t you just look over the contract again’! It sometimes make me feel like I’m not a human and that’s pretty bad.

ME: OK, so last question. What Korean films or directors do you particularly admire?
Park Chan Wook is actually a really good friend of mine, and I have to say I like his movies. But there are lots of good directors in Korea, Joon-Hwan and Joon-ho Bong are great.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD is out in UK cinemas on 6th February. Watch it, it’s awesome!




The Good, The Bad, The Weird: Blöder Titel, grandioser Actionfilm
gamona 08.01.09 22:57
Kinostart 08.10.2009



 雑誌や記事を読んだりしていると、「直接聞いてみたいなぁ」と思うことがよくあるのに、いざとなると思い出せないっ(汗) しばらく考えてみようと思います^^



AFPBB News 2009年01月12日 23:56

中央日報 2009.01.13 15:58:06

寒流スターイ・ビョンホン ^ポスがぱっと感じられて^[スパッTV]_尹碩号pd..
スパッTV 2009.01.11 17:33 [00:54]

[動画] 尹碩号 PD 結婚式に寒流スター総出動!
スポーツ朝鮮 2009-01-11 15:50 [01:11]

[MD動画] イ・ビョンホン-ソン・スンホン,'寒流スター総集合' 尹碩号PD 結婚式現場
mydaily 2009-01-11 19:42:01 [03:02]

[財政経済省TV] ドラマ名将尹碩号PD 結婚式現場
JKTV 2009-01-11 20:21 [01:42]

[芸能手帳] 寒流スター総出動 “監督様, 幸せになってください!”
KBS NEWS 2009.01.12 (08:46)
KBS NEWS 2009.01.12 (08:46) [04:07]  *画面下、中央の水色ボタンをクリックで高画質再生




 パソ無しの辛さは年末の故障の時に身にしみましたが、パソコンは無ければ無いでどうにかなるもの。ですが、使える状態でソコにあるのに近づけないのは、もっとツライ… 娘たちも大きくなり、もう誤魔化しの利くトシでなくなってきているので、これからはこんな状況が続くのだろうなぁと年初から少し諦め気味のまったりモードでした^^

 これも、こちらに遊びに来て下さる方たちに支えられてのこと。コメントを下さる方、いつものぞきに来て下さる方、本当にありがとうございますm(_ _)m 



 さて、今頃乗り遅れた話題ですが、ビョンホンssi年末年始は渡米されていたんですね。 どんな年越しをされたのかなぁ。
 FCには、未公開ショットや、ビョンホンssiをはじめ いろんな方の新年のご挨拶がUPされていて驚きました。 リニューアルと共に、ずいぶんキメ細やかな素敵な場所に変貌しているようで、嬉しいかぎりです。

 私たちが愛してやまない方の手形です。しかも金色に輝く♡ 直にココに貼り付けたかったのですが、そこはグッと我慢我慢^^

新営営化博物館 2006/09/17 19:35    

 『ノム』カフェで、ジウン監督が話されていた『ノム』の忘年会の映像だと思われます。立ってガンホssiとお酒を酌み交わしているウソンssiの手前に、座っているビョンホンssiが映ります。途中でケイタイがかかってきているのかな? その手前の誰かの腕や酒瓶がジャマだ~^^

2008年グッドバイ  *『ノム』忘年会
cyworld 2008.12.30 21:30 [00:57]

 映画祭開催に際しての、このサイトのチャンイのプロモは衝撃でした。 懐かしい^^

Le Bon, la Brute et le Cinglé INTERVIEWS
TOUTLECINE 15/12/2008 [05:02]


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